Our Amazing Vendors for the 3rd Annual #MuslimFoodFest

Haithum's Palestinian Dishes - Musakhan 
Syed Catering - Pakistani BBQ
Yapi Mediterranean Subs and Sandwiches - Bosnian Cuisine
Cham Food - Syrian Cuisine and Dessert 
Sedara Sweets & Ice Cream
World Wide International Food Market - Burgers and Arabic Grill
Majeed Mediterranean Restaurant - Syrian Grill and Homemade sweets
MO Tamales - Hispanic Dishes
Hadeelah LLC - Homemade Syrian Food
St. Louis Meat Market - Authentic Somali
Juice Master - Custom Fresh Drinks 
Kabul Express - Afghan Cuisine
Wafaa Food - Egyptian Foods from the Nile
Salaam Segment - African American Dishes
Moorish-American Preservation - African American Dishes
The Turkish Society of America - Turkish Exploration 
Badur Mohammed - Iraqi Cuisine
Falafel Shah - Best Falafels you've had
Mr. Frosty Ice Cream - Children's Ice Cream


We are looking for amazing vendors just like you to sell food, clothing, and other unique items at the Great Muslim Food Festival! Below, you will find answers to commonly asked questions about becoming a vendor. 


Please carefully read the entirety of the information provided. ​ 

How do I Sign Up to Sell Food or Other Items?
To sell food or other items at the event, you will need to register your business online and pay the vendor fee.

Space is limited, and our outdoor food tents and pavilion booths sell out quickly.

All vendors will make their payment and register online. After vendors register,  CAIR-MO will examine all applications to ensure that no two vendors are selling the same products. Should a violation of CAIR-MO’s non competition policy arise, attempts will be made to contact the vendors internally in order to resolve the issue. If the issue cannot be not resolved, then both vendors will be contacted and one will be cancelled. CAIR-MO reserves the right to deny any vendor and issue a full refund. 

How Much Does it Cost?
There are two rental options for vendors to choose from
Option 1 Outdoor Tent (15 spots available): Outdoor 10 foot by 10 foot tent | $400
Option 2 Pavilion Booth (12 spots available): Under the Pavilion Booth | $150

IMPORTANT: What is the Difference Between a Tent Rental & Booth Rental?
Outdoor Tents are free standing tents that are outside. If you want to cook food using a grill or any kind of burner you must rent an outdoor tent. Outdoor tent rentals include one 10 foot by 10 foot tent, one 6 foot rectangle table, and two fold up chairs. You may also bring (1) additional tent. Please note, you will not receive a discount for bringing you own tent. Electricity and ice are provided free of charge. A 10% discount will be given for additional business references. 

Under the Pavilion Booths are located under the World's Fair Pavilion. You are not allowed to cook or have any open flame under the pavilion. This is a great option for those selling clothing, providing educational materials, doing henna, etc. You will receive one 6 foot rectangle table and two folding chairs for the duration of the event. Electricity and ice are provided free of charge. You may not use additional tables at the food festival. 

What Time Is Set-up & Clean-Up?
Set-up must be completed by 10:00 AM. Inspections will begin at 10:30 AM. Those found to have failed to setup by the required time will be charged a $50 fine. Any vendor who arrives after 11:00 AM will not be allowed to set-up. 

The event ends at 6:30 PM, and your station must be cleaned up by 7:30 PM. It is recommended that vendors bring brooms, dustpans and other cleaning supplies. No trash or other materials may be left at the park. Ashes must also be extinguished, swept up and properly disposed of. Failure to properly clean one’s station will incur a $100 cleaning fee

How Is My Position at the Festival Determined? 
CAIR-MO will issue all positions for vendors at the festival. Every vendor will be given a spot on the day of the festival and will need to set up at their assigned location. 

Where Should I Park? 
Vendors will be given exclusive parking rights in the Pavilion Parking lot. All of their vehicles and equipment should be properly secured. CAIR-MO does not take responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged property.

Can Vendors Sell Drinks? 
Please note, CAIR-MO is the only organization allowed to sell water bottles and sodas at the event. Vendors may be charged a fine for violating this regulation. Vendors are however permitted to sell exotic, non Pepsi or Coke product drinks. These drinks can be traditional drinks sold overseas. Vendors may also bring drinks for their personal use but are not permitted to sell those drinks.

Is Ice Provided?
Yes, Ice will be available to all vendors free of charge. 

Is Water Available?
Yes, there are several bathrooms under the Pavilion and around the park. You will easily be able to get water.


Are Refunds Available? 
A vendor may seek a refund up until two weeks before the festival, July 19th. After that date, no refunds will be issued.​

Do I Have to Sell Zabiha Meat and Halal Appropriate Items?
Yes. All vendors must sell meat items that are Islamically slaughtered. ​

Can I Change my Rental the Day of the Festival?
No. Once you have been approved by the Festival committee and have made your payment, you will not be allowed to change your position. 

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

Electronic Payments
Vendors are encouraged to bring credit card machines to accept payments. Many guests will want to pay using credit cards, and it is important to have the ability to collect those payments. 

Vendors should bring enough small dollar bills to provide change. CAIR-MO will not be providing change to any vendors. 

Traditional Clothing 
Vendors are encouraged to wear traditional clothing during the festival. A 5% discount will be given to any vendor whose team wears traditional clothing. 


Recipe Cards
ll vendors must provide CAIR-MO with one recipe. This recipe will be printed for distribution to guests at your station during the festival.



13408 Clayton Rd,

St. Louis MO, 63131


Tel: 314-722-6116



Food Festival Hours

11:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Parking Available at the Muny Parking Lot